The Dancing Circle - Volume 5 - Back to our Roots

Packed full of articles tracing the history of Sacred/Circle Dance back to the arrival of Bernhard and Gabriele Wosien in Findhorn in October 1976.

With a "who's who" of all the influential teachers then and now, with articles by many of them recollecting their early encounters with the dance.

Price 15.00

Judy King
Frances Fawkes
Nawal Gadalla
Bernhard Wosien
Anna Barton
Fido Wagler
Maria-Gabriele Wosien
Friedel Kloke-Eibl
June Watts
Fiona Parr
Peter Vallance
Laura Shannon
Keith Armstrong

Colin Harrison
Errol Weiner
David Roberts
Dee Voce
Sophia Hatch
Erik Bendix
Ann Gahlin
Philip Thornton
Richard Lyons-Ojibwe
Judith Thompson
Stefan Freedman
Sister Lorraine
Richard Hazlehurst