CD : Izvor - The Source - Volume 3

Yves Moreau, Judy King & Mandy de Winter

Following the success of 'Izvor/The Source' Volumes 1 and 2, we have made Volume 3! This will be the last of the series and we are deeply indebted to Yves Moreau for making this project possible. Without him, we would still be dancing to scratchy old recordings.
The selection of tunes this time is predominantly Romanian.
The dance notation booklet is a comprehensive work produced by Judy. I have written the dance steps (with input from Mandy) as we know them. There are doubtless other versions danced. There are also many different ways of spelling the dance titles. I use the version given to me by Yves. Other dance notations provided by Yves reflect the steps being danced in North America. We also appreciate his many efforts in providing us with the background information, the pronunciation of the song titles, the song words, translations, and, this time, the musical scores that he has.

Tracks include:

Ajsino Oro
Ali Pasha
Cveta Moma
Drobne male lasatovicke
Hora de la Corbasca
Hora de Munte
Hora din Campie
Hora Femeilor
Hora Mare Bucovineasca
Hora Miressi 1
Hora Miressi 2
Hora nunilor mare
Hora Nutii
Hora Veche
Joc de Fete
Joc de Leagane
Jocul de a lungul
Mindrele de la Bailisti

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