CD : Bernhard Wosien:Dances from 1965-1986

Judy King and Fido Wagler

This CD is a collection of the dances that constituted some of the original repertoire of Bernhard Wosien, the founder of Sacred/Circle Dance.
I asked Fido Wagler - who danced extensively with Bernhard in Marburg, Germany for many years and who has worked with this material since Bernhard’s death, to make a selection of dances that we, in the Circle Dance World, simply ‘must’ and ‘should’ have in one collection as a record of our original early repertoire. These are the dances that drew us all into the Dancing Circle; this is the music that we all danced to in those glorious heady days. THIS IS WHY WE ARE ALL HERE TODAY- in various circles across the world- taking hands and coming together as a global dancing community. I also asked Fido to talk about his experiences of dancing these dances with Bernhard – to recollect any stories that Bernhard told – to give us an insight into how Bernhard danced these dances. This is all described under the heading of Wosien’s Treasure Chest.
This CD is a MUST HAVE for anyone who is inspired to be part of our Dancing Circles! Enjoy going Back to our Roots: Judy

Tracks include:

Hassápikos ‘3-2’
“Robbers’ Dance” -Vari Hassàpikos
King of the Fairies
Mlyn - Sorbian Mill Dance
Waltz - Family and Quartet
Pine Cone
Moscow Round Dance
Bielolitsa Kruglolitsa
Tino Mori
Joc de Leagane
Eight-pointed Star - Canon - John Pachelbel
Sundance -Adagio * Flute * John Sebastian Bach
Enas Mythos

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