CD : Dance for Hope, Music for Education- Volume 2

Judy King

THANK YOU for buying this second volume of dances, music and dance notation to support the Friends of Conakry Refugee School (FCRS). ALL the profits from the sale of both this and the original CD go DIRECTLY to the school.
Once again, the selection of dances include some real 'golden oldies' none of which are available commercially. They have been cleaned up and 'de-hissed' by Chris Hall where needed.
To those of you who have bought Volume 1, this is simply to tell you that the profit raised to date (June 2014) is 3,490. Whilst this is an amazing achievement, somehow it is worth more than the money itself. Your money has been used in a number of different ways, but, to give you an example: ONE school meal costs 15p so we could say that you have fed
23,267 children simply because you BOUGHT (and DID NOT COPY) that one CD!
So once again- THANK YOU for not copying this second volume in the series. Please contact Judy if you want to have another CD for your own use or to give to a friend.
The cost is 15 (plus 2 P&P). You can send more if you wish
I now have nothing more to think about but my lessons. I have found the peace, love and happiness that was taken away from me by the death of my parents. My tears have gone away and now my sister and I smile and sing.

Tracks include:

Al Kol Eleh
Balada za Angele
Dandelion Dance
Enas Mythos
Hana ava babanot
Loda alla montagna
Ma Navu
Nigun Atik
Hana ava babanot
Loda alla montagna
Ma Navu
Nigun Atik
Omal Kars
Pravo Oro & Sirto - Aide Provikna Se
Sta Tria & Sta Dhio
Sta Tria & Cocek
Ve David

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