Circle Dance Teacher Training Course 2012/2013

Comments from Previous Participants

"What I simply appreciated most was your explaining to me how to improve both my dancing and teaching. And everything was in a warm and greatly supportive atmosphere.....
I am amazed by the amount of valuable information you have given us over the weeks...." (Margot 2010/2011)

"The quality of the course reflects your personal standards and obvious dedication. You managed the group with firmness, humour, caring and compassion..... The depth of your experience permeates every aspect of the course....." (Kathyryn 2010/2011)

"There was so much that was enriching and positive it is difficult to single out any one thing...... This was a rich and satisfying experience in every way. I felt we were in very safe hands....... you share your your depth of knowledge with generosity....." (Pat 2010/2011)

“I really appreciated the quality and quantity of information provided both verbally and through handouts. I most appreciated the teacher’s wisdom and talent – your inclusive mind and your ability to deal with group dynamics are just brilliant! You certainly enjoy going through the process of teaching in such a deep way that is beyond words!” (Lidia 2008)

“Brilliant, life-changing, soul-enhancing ~ what more can I say?” (Theolyn 2008)

“I cannot imagine that any course could be more thoroughly prepared, carefully thought through or more informative.” (Patricia 2008)

“ I most appreciated the quality of the teaching (excellent!), the humour (laughter), the amount of information included”. (Anne 2008)

“ I most appreciated the quality with which the subjects covered was delivered by all the teachers and the safe and respectful atmosphere (that) I felt got created. Thank you for a profound learning time”. (Diane 2008)

“I most appreciated the quality and commitments of all the teachers; its (the course’s) overall professionalism and attention to detail; your love of this work and obvious delight at seeing others grow and give of their best.” (Janette 2008)

“I feel I have been given a selection of tools and hopefully the confidence to use them”. (Maria 2008)

“I appreciated your teaching of the dance - sensitive and thorough. Also your sensitivity to the group and individual needs.”(Jacqueline 2006)

“I most appreciated being pushed. You had said that we would be, and we were. You also promised to hold it all safely, and from my point of view, you did.” (Rosie 2006)

“I most appreciated the insights I have gained in the areas of rhythm, learning styles, dance families and the wonderful experience of the attunement sessions.” (Mary P’man. 2006)

“Judy, it’s hard not to sound like a testimonial! I can only say how very much this course has given me and in ways I haven’t comprehended yet.” (Sue 2006)

“Your personality and style created a very safe space where I could be vulnerable and open to ‘grace’ and ‘realignment’ through movement.” (Mary P. 2006)

“I most appreciated the space and freedom to try and fail and try again.” (Karen 2006)

“I really appreciated your flexibility which meant that the unique needs of the individual and of the group as a whole were catered for.” (Patricia 2006)

“I most appreciated Judy’s professional leadership of the group and the way she led us to recognise our strengths. When Carolyn C. told me the course was life changing I was a bit sceptical- but it is so true.” (Jane 2006)

“ I most appreciated the fact that whatever happened was constructive and that all the teachers are experts” (Penny 2005)

“The way you gave so much of yourself and the way it all came from the heart”. (Caroline 2005)

“I most appreciated observing Judy in action – as a teacher, as a dancer. Her attention to detail and observation of the needs of each student. Her humour, used in various ways to lighten situations before they became difficult. I always had the feeling that Judy was 100% present”. (MaryAnne 2005)

“I really appreciated working in depth with other people focussed on a common task. The quality of the course structure and leadership”. (Angela 2005)

“It (the course) has built something much more than mere confidence”. (Joan 2002/2003)

“ The main skills were what I enrolled for, what I wasn’t expecting was all the subtle skills that were delivered as well..... what a course you offered. If you break down the length of the course and all the information delivered it was phenomenal.” (Cate 2002/2003)

“There cannot be an unturned stone with regard to any aspect of teaching circle dance”. (Ann 2002/2003)

“I most appreciated Judy’s teaching skills, her grace and her awareness of how people are feeling.” (Margaret 2002/2003)

“It (the course) took, what for me is a pleasurable experience, and sometimes a deep experience, and helped me to think about how I might use it further as a tool and gift with others”. (Lorraine 2001)

”Your positive energy and good humour and your care for those in the group were a model of good teaching practice”. (David 2001)

“It’s given me confidence in myself. I believe I can dance now - not just put my feet in the right places.” (Ali 1999/2000)

“I now feel that I am in touch with a body of knowledge and I have a greater awareness of rhythm in teaching”. (Jenny 1999/2000)

“I most appreciated learning in a safe environment!” (Erika 2001)

“It more than met my needs for safety, for thorough planning, for sound and wise training and advice, for wonderful inspiration.....” (Marion 2001)

“The dancer in me has grown - and is growing”. (Janet 2001)

“I appreciated your great source of knowledge and talent as a dancer and your excellent skills as a teacher”. (Joan 2001)

“I most appreciated the very professional and compassionate way of creating, organising and giving this course”. (Rina 2001)

“I have learned in both breadth and depth.” (Anne 2001)

This year I have experienced Ecstasy by Dancing, without even taking the tablet! We have just finished the last of the 4 sessions of Teacher Training with Judy. One of our last dances was the Friendship Dance. Unforgettable! In 2 intermingling circles, we reached a point of perfect co-ordination and unison. The sort of affinity which only happens when a group has grown together and become close. There are no words to describe this feeling of complete harmony – we had created together something of great beauty and power. By meeting at regular intervals, we have gradually got to know each member of the group of 15 more and more each time. We’ve all shared and benefited from the wisdom and expertise of some of the best teachers. Together, we have shared a bit of our lives, talked, trembled, listened, sung, laughed a lot and worked very hard. We have danced Miserlou to 100 different tunes till we dropped. We have learnt from Judy about all the practical aspects of good teaching and running a successful and happy group. Absolutely everything of the vast amount I have learnt will make me a better, more balanced, observant, understanding, and more qualified teacher than I was before. But the greatest lesson I have learnt is that it is only by thorough, careful teaching, and repetition of a dance that we eventually build up to the point of receptiveness when we can reach the deepest depths of our being and the highest heights of elation and joy. Dancing to me, now, has a purpose and a meaning, and is a way of connecting with our spirit, our own true self, and also with all others in the circle who have shared this same experience. Previously some dances have evoked similar feelings. It happens when you get the right mixture of mood of the group, surroundings, certain music and steps. You have a sense of wonder and stillness and joy. But I’ve never experienced anything so deep and so powerful as in these Attunement dances. If you are reading this at the breakfast table or on the train, this may all sound emotional and extreme (or even quite mad). I have let these words cool down a bit, and come back to them in the light of day, but still the same feelings return in their profundity. And I know that many of you will identify with what I am describing. Thank you thank you thank you to Susi, Annette, Mandy but especially to Judy who has taught us these dances so expertly and patiently, and worked so hard and given us so much.

Joan Peart (2002/2003)
(Joan was the Editor of Grapevine and wrote the above report for the Summer 2003 edition.)